Listen to Mistress Carrie's interview with Robert Trujillo from Metallica!

September 27, 2013

Robert Trujillo is a busy guy these days. Actually, all of the Metallica guys are!
They have been running all over promoting the new film, Metallica-Through The Never which debuts this weekend in IMAX 3-D! He's headed to Boston tonight for the midnight screening with me, and a theater filled with WAAF listeners.

I asked him today about the press tour, including being interviewed by Stephen Colbert, who's idea the movie was, who approved the Metallica Ugly Christmas Sweaters, the craziest Metallica idea ever, what costume he wears trick or treating with his kids, his love of football, and how the band commemorates this sad day in Metallica history, the loss of Cliff Burton.

He was candid, funny, honest, and as likeable as you would expect! Such a great guy!

Listen to the interview below!

Check out the trailer of the movie below!

Click hear for details on the Boston screenings of Through The Never, and buy tickets online!

And, if you missed the band on the Colbert Report, here you go!