Listen to Mistress Carrie's interview with Matt Cameron from Soundgarden

September 27, 2012

It's a busy day for the Soundgarden guys. Today, we get a taste of what the first new album in 15 years is going to sound like with the release of "Been Away Too Long". It's a fitting song title, considering how long it's really been! They said it would never happen... and yet, they have reunited, recorded an new studio album, been part of the soundtrack of one of the biggest movies in history (The Avengers), and are planning a world tour! I guess it happened after all, you liars! :)

Click here for more info on King Animal, due out on November 13.

Matt has been keeping himself busy during the break up of Soundgarden, with this other band... Pearl Jam. Maybe you've heard of them?

How did the reunion happen? What does the rest of King Animal sound like? Will there be a co-headlining tour, with a Temple of the Dog reunion? Who is Matt's favorite Avenger? How he feels about turning 50? What kind of digs he has? I asked him everything!

Listen to my interview here!