LISTEN to Mistress Carrie's interview with Jason Newsted!

January 16, 2013

As always, Jason Newsted is NOT at a loss for words. How could you be, when you've lived a life like his. In this interview, Jason talks about his musical history, his inspiration for the new songs, his days in Metallica, and his relationship with his former bandmates. He was also candid talking about his missteps with painkillers, recovering from his injuries, and his new love of painting. Jason Newsted has a true Rock N Roll life story, and he isn't shy about telling it. He is friendly, open, honest, funny at times, and serious at others. His passion and lust for life are evident, and the world is a better place when he is inspired and creating art, in any form.

Thanks for the talk Jason, and I look forward to standing "around the keg" with you!


m/ m/

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Click here to take a look at some of Jason's artwork!


Here is an old picture of Jason and I from backstage at the Summer Sanitarium show in Foxboro!