License to Carrie... The Mistress goes shooting!

November 16, 2012

This video is up!
Check it out below...

Most people are surprised to hear that I've been to Iraq & Afghanistan, but I don't shoot guns. I went shooting for the first time AFTER I got home from Iraq in 2006. Maybe I should have learned BEFORE I went to the Middle East! Well, today I decided to change all that!

I met a guy named Phil in Afghanistan and went on some missions with him and his guys.
(Phil is on the right in the picture below) 


Phil recently introduced me to Matt Devito from Downrange Firearms Training. Matt said that no matter how inexperienced I was, if I took his class, I would be able to shoot! He was right. Today I headed to NH, and  took a 4 hour, private class and I brought Andrew our video guy along to capture it all on HD video (just in case I did something stupid!).

Here I am with Matt and Phil. We made the biggest guy, hold the smallest gun! :)

The video is on the way, but until then... Check out some of the pictures and more importantly the firepower that I wrapped my hands around!

Here's what was on the menu!


Andrew our video guy, captures Matt explaining what to do and what NOT to do!


Let the shooting begin!

Remington 700

WWII M1 Garand

Noveske AR15


Mossberg 500

Trying to learn how to be a sniper, watch out evil pumpkins!


Thank you Matt, for a great class! Now that I've started shooting, I'm addicted!
I can't wait to take your next class!!!
(Note the S&W 500 in my hand. YES, I shot that too. Wait until you see the video!)

The aftermath!