Led Zeppelin honored at Kennedy Center, see the great videos here!

December 27, 2012

Sure, when you're a musician, you can win an AMA, or a Grammy. You can get a Gold, Platinum, or even Diamond album. You can tour the world, hear your music during football games, and even get inducted into the Hall of Fame. These are all milestones of a successful career... 
But, when you are honored by the President and the Kennedy Center, you've reached a whole new level.
That is what happened to Led Zeppelin this month.
They were honored with Dustin Hoffman, David Letterman, Buddy Guy, and Natalia Makarova.

Check out the President talking about Led Zeppelin before the performances.

Jack Black intro's Led Zeppelin



Foo Fighters (with Taylor Hawkins singing)

Kid Rock

Lenny Kravitz

and finally Heart (featuring Jason Bonham) took it to a whole new level! Watch Robert Plant, he wipes away tears at the end!

After the ceremony, the joined David Letterman (also honored) on his show!