Leave it to Kid Rock & Sean Penn to teach us all a lesson!

October 10, 2012

There couldn't be 2 more polar opposites this election year than Kid Rock & Sean Penn. They are on opposite sides of the voting booth, and like most of America, they are split right down the middle. They have shot insults back and forth in the press over the years about the war... But, one thing brings them together... They are both Americans.

I can't tell you how sick I am of the commercials, facebook status updates, tweets, and opinions from both sides. It's ripping this nation apart, and sometimes I think that's EXACTLY what the extreme left and extreme right want... And most Americans fall somewhere in the middle. As citizens we know what it's like to compromise... But in DC, they don't even know how to spell it! I love this country more than anything, and after my trips overseas to Iraq & Afghanistan, I was even more convinced that I was so lucky to be born a girl in the USA! If I had been born anywhere else on Earth, I would be lucky to still be alive. Sometimes Americans need a reminder of how lucky we are. Our country may not be perfect, but we're free to say that out loud and do something about it!

Well, leave it to Kid Rock and Sean Penn, two opposites, who are both living the American dream, to remind us of how lucky we all are!
This movie will make you laugh, but more importantly, it should make you think!