James Hetfield from Metallica

January 20, 2009

On Sunday, I had a chance to interview James Hetfield from Metallica, backstage at the Garden.

I, like many Metallica fans, was worried about one of my favorite bands after the last album... St. Anger.

I really tried to love it.

But compared to previous releases... like Master of Puppets and ...And Justice for All, it just didn't hold up!

The band, label, managers etc. all tried to rally the troops around the release, and even though it sold well when compared to other bands albums, it failed compared to Metallica's previous successes.

I watched the movie, Some Kind of Monster, and saw the 'behind the scenes' conflict going on with the band... and I was worried!

What happened to one of my favorite bands?

I mean, they toured... and kicked ass...

But, I hold them to such a standard... I thought they were never going to be the same again!

I was wrong!

After I heard Death Magnetic for the first time, I knew it was GREAT!!!

A few more listens, and I was convinced that it was their best albumà since the 'Black album'...

But, after sitting down with James for 30 minutes on Sunday night...

I am convinced!

Metallica is back and better than ever!

As I waited in the backstage warm up room for James to come in, I expected a frantic entrance, surrounded by handlers...Ã he's James Hetfield... He sings in Metallica... He just got into the Rock N Roll HALL OF FAME...

He should have handlers!

But, he walked in alone.

He was happy, he looked great! He was ready toà sit down and answer anything I could ask... no attitude... NONE!

You never know with musicians, if they are going to have an attitude or not! I'veà never known him to,

but like I said...youà never know!

Metallica is back to where they belong... ON TOP!

At a time where music and musicians are becomming disposable, I'm happy that Metallica is here to stay.

They have enough money to retire, and never be seen again! But, after talking to James, they continue because of the love of the music!

They still have the enthusiasm of a young band, just trying to 'make it'...

As the Music Director, I see a lot of bands come and go...

And so many bands try to be the 'new' Metallica!

Here's some advice... Metallica is the 'new' Metallica!

That slot is filled, do your own thing, find your own sound, because after Sunday night no one is looking for a 'new Metallica'.

We like the old one still, thanks!