I'm sorry... am I supposed to be sad?

June 26, 2009


I know that this is going to make some people upset, but I am writing it anyway. Am I really supposed to be sad today? Should I feel some sense of loss, or compassion for a man just because he passed away and because he was a successful singer? Â

OJ was found NOT GUILTY in court, and he became a punchline. Of course shortly after he was found guilty in the civil case, and then sent to jail for kidnapping and armed robbery. But, he was a football player?

James Brown died, he was a music legand, but he also beat his wife!



Phil Spector charted new ground in the music business and was behind some of the most successful musical careers, and then he killed someone. Did you feel bad for him?

Did Michael Jackson have a tough childhood? Sure... any child star does. But he also grew up with opportunities that none of us can even imagine. Did his Dad beat him and emotionaly abuse him? Some people say YES! But that is also true of most inmates in most prisons around the country. Do you feel bad for them? It is coming out now, that Michael Jackson was addicted to morphine and they they were trying to ween him off by giving him Demerol. MJ had a private physician treating him with drugs on a daily basis. Just because he's rich and famous doesn't mean he wasn't a junkie! If you or I had a Doc. that was shooting us up, we'd be in jail and the Doc would lose his license to practice medicine. There are people with private Doc's... But the cops call them DEALERS when they get busted!

And what about the kids? Forced to hide behind masks, unkempt, dragged out in public, no contact with their mother because she SOLD away her custody. They have never been to school, they are too thin, and no one is allowed near them. Dangling a baby off of a balcony? Sounds like abuse to me!

What about the blatant disrespect of the legal system that he showed during his molestation trial. Showing up late, acting 'out of it' like he was drugged, wearing PJ's, dancing on cars outside of the courthouse... Again, if that were any of us, we would have been IN JAIL on contempt charges!

Let's talk about the molestation charges for a second! He settled out of court for 22 million in a civil case, and then SURPRISE... the criminal case was dropped! That does not say innocent to me. And even if he was innocent, wouldn't you STOP sleeping with young boys after you get charged with abuse one time? Nope, not our MJ... He continued the same behaviour, even talking about it in interviews etc. Sure they said he was innocent in court, but even the stuff he admitted doing is cause for concern! And the worst part, is he never showed compasion or remorse for his actions! A family member was quoted as saying "Â Â You can take pictures of Michael's dick and he's not gonna like it, but once you start trying to figure out how much money he has, that's where he stops playing around"! Â His fans attacked and belittled the families and children involved. Raking them over the coals in the press and on TV. Acting like they were in it for the money! Oh yeah, what kid doesn't want to be known as Michael Jacksons rape victim for the rest of their lives? Yeah, that sounds like fun doesn't it? That sure is worth 22 million! That kid from 1993 had to change his name and move away! But, he's living in a really big house, so I guess he's happy!

What about his FACE? He says he's had 2 operations! Ya, right! He's had more noses that Mr. Potatohead! You can do what you want to your own body, but give me a break! Are we supposed to believe that you look like this naturally? C'mon! When we see other people 'overdo it' at the Doc's office, we think there is something mentally wrong with them! But not Michael? Oh yeah that's right... when you're rich, you're excentric... not CRAZY!

And now, look at the circus... Look at the celebs that are coming out of the woodwork talking about his 'talents'. That he was so gentle, and caring... Paul McCartney even called him a MAN BOY! What about all of the crazy people camping out at UCLA, his house, his star on the 'Walk of Fame' and even the Apollo? They're all just itching to get on TV and talk about their 'connection' to Michael... UGH! It's a circus! Would they still be there if he was convicted? Probably! People are still holding up pictures of Chris Brown on TV and he ADMITTED that he beat Rhianna!

Michael Jackson's abuse and drug habits are no different than most prisoners in jail right now... remember that! I bet the guy that killed his 7 year old on Father's day, had a tough childhood, but that doesn't make his actions ok!

I know... I know... But Michael Jackson wrote THRILLER! It's a good thing that he did, because if he were like us... He would have died be in JAIL!

Axl, are you paying attention? Get out of the house and get rid of your handlers! Just because you wrote Appetite for Destruction, doesn't mean we'll love you no matter what!Am I sad today? Yes I am... I'm sad that Farrah died!