I need your help with Halloween!

October 15, 2010

October is my favorite month of the year... It starts with my Birthday on the 1st, and ends with my favorite 'holiday' HALLOWEEN!

You've known me long enough to know that I LOVE HALLOWEEN! Everything about it is great! Candy, scary music, costumes, skulls and spiders everywhere and there is no pressure of gift giving!

It's the only time of year that I look "normal"! :)

And of course, every November 1, I get asked "What did you go as for Halloween? Why is your hair purple? Have you tried to get it out?" It's like I'm in costume every day!


In years past, I've had some great costumes... Most of them custom made by Angela Zampell at Mode Merr. She is awesome!Ã

But this year, there is an added pressure!!!

I just got invited to Kid Rock's Halloween Party in Detroit! It's a weekend long bash that, I hear, is going to be INSANE!!!

So, what do I do now??? What the hell am I supposed to be? What should I wear?

I have 2 weeks before I take off for Michigan, and I am desperate.!

So, I thought that I would turn to you!!!

I've been Marilyn Monroe (both dead and alive), a skydiver, a librarian (nobody even knew it was me! HA!), a samurai warrior, Medusa, and I've even had people dress as ME!


I was thinking of taking my red wedding dress, and turiing it into a 'Vampire Bride' costume...

Plus, it's a great excuse to wear it again! :)


What do you think??? I need some ideas and I need them FAST! This party is going to be NUTS, and I can only imagine what people are going to be dressing like...

By the way, I am taking a camera and video gear with me... I'll have a full recap of this bash when I get back... IF I get back!