Halloween with "The Kid"

November 2, 2010

I'm still trying to recover from 48 hours in a rock stars life! It's hard work! Planes, limos, parties, courtside seats, political rallies and Jessica Rabbit. DAMN!

Here's what I can remember!

Kid Rock invited a few radio people from around the country, that have been there "since the beginning", to attend his private Halloween party. I was honored to be included in that group. We've been friends for a very long time. Since the Warped Tour before Devil Without A Cause came out. It's been a crazy ride... more crazy for him than me... But anyway.

I took off from Logan on Friday afternoon around 2pm.

Landed in Detroit around 4...

After battling Downtown Detroit traffic for almost 2 hours, we checked into the hotel, dropped our bags, and headed to the Pistons Game. Kid Rock was being presented with a banner for selling out the arena 21 times! He was also given permanent court side seats!

We were escorted into the Presidents club (very fancy) for drinks and food before the game. Drinks included Kid's very own beer,Badass American Lagar!

We were also given gift bags from the Pistons with t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts etc. I felt a little dirty thinking about putting on a Pistons shirt... I have to be honest! But, they say... "When In Rome" right?

I don't want to hear that I am a traitor! I am a Celtics fan to the CORE!!! I put it on, with the agreement that Kid Rock would sign it, and take a picture, so that we could auction it off for charity! Which he did!

Hopefully we'll raise some money for charity with this!

After all of the American Badass beer and Jim Beam that we could drink, we were escorted COURTSIDE for the game!

These seats don't suck!!!!

After the game (which they lost by 1 point with 2.5 seconds left in the game) we headed back to the hotel... to close down the bar and take in a little local culture!

Kid Rock headed to DC for the Daily Show's Rally to Restore Sanity!

While he was hanging with Jon Stewart and Cheryl Crow, I went shopping and bought this KILLER hat!

Before I knew it, it was time to hit the party! I went dressed as the 'Corpse Bride' in my old wedding dress!

A big change from my wedding day just a couple of years ago huh?

The party was in this HUGE warehouse where the band practices, and where he keeps all of his gear and cars!

I took some car pics for you!

He's got one of the General Lee's from the Dukes of hazard TV show!

And a Ford GT

And this BADASS Firebird!

After I spent the first 30 minutes drinking and checking out his cars, someone went on stage and introduced the Village People! It was Kid Rock (as the cop) and the Twisted Brown Trucker band in costumes!

They wouldn't let me video the performance... But I got some great photos!

Did i forget to mention the 'dancers'???

The band played the entire new album 'Born Free' which is coming out on November 16.

And it's exactly what you would expect! It's got something in there for everybody! Especially if you are a 40 year old guy! Since he turned 40, he wanted to write a song about that, it's called F*ckin' Forty and it's funny!

After the band finished, it was time to party!!!

And we did a lot of that! I think I was dancing!!! And I NEVER DANCE! EVER!

Before long it was time to get in the photo booth!

Then I got some company! (after he finished hanging out with some HOT redhead dressed like Jessica Rabbit! She wasn't bad, she was just drawn that way!)

The next morning I needed something to eat before my flight home!


48 hours in the life of Kid Rock, and I am still recovering!

He is in Europe for the MTV awards and I am just trying to figure out how he does it!

Best Halloween EVER!

The video is here!!! Check it out!



And check out the new video for Born Free! See the car? Look familiar? :)

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