Greatest Cover Songs of ALL TIME?

March 4, 2011

The readers of Rolling Stone are always good for e "Greatest _____ of All Time" list! It seems like there is a new one out every day. Well, since I am the Music Director here at WAAF and that I research and select the Under the Covers songs that we play every weeknight at 10pm, I thought thisà one was interesting!Ã

Nirvana made the list twice, Jimi Hendrix, White Stripes, Muse, The Beatles, and G'N'R made the list too. But there is no Led Zep?Ã No Metallica? No Pearl Jam?

Take a look at this list and tell me what YOU think should have been on the list!

What's your favorite cover song of ALL TIME?

Here are a couple of my favorites that didn't make Rolling Stones list.