Grammy's Part 3

February 8, 2009

So, Blink 182 are getting back together again...

Katy Perry really likes bananas, and Spaz thinks she has great boobs...

So do I, there was something very hot about hot "bi-curious' girls dancing around giant fruit!

I think one of the dancers, who is Asian, made a face at Miley Cyruss from the stage...

Miley was photographed making the 'chinese eyes' with some friends, and several Civil Rights groups had spoken out about it... The dancer should have just come down off of the stage and kicked her ass! That would have been great!

Kanye West performed wearing 1 glove, why is this trend coming back?

Then Morgan Freeman came out to introduce Kenny Chesney wearing 1 glove?


Are they trying to make people think of Michael Jackson? BTW, have you seen him lately?

Ugh, so scary! I think I may take him in my death pool!

M.I.A came out, 9 months pregnant... I wonder if TI, Kanye, Jay Z and Lil' Wayne were waiting for her water to break! That would have been almost as cool ad Miley getting her ass kicked!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention JoBro!!!

The Jonas Brothers are the only group of people that could make Stevie Wonder NOT COOL!!!

They put on an OK performance, but all I kept thinking was... Stevie must want to kill himself right now, with a JoBro singing in his ear!!!

That's like hell for Stevie! Poor guy! They couldn't get someone... cooler, hotter, better...?

Can we talk about how HOT Kate Beckinsale is? Holy SH*T!!!

Even though she has Frankenboobs, that have been featured on

She still looks great!

And then there's Dave 'the biggest whore in the music business' Grohl...

As if Nirvana and the Foo Fighters aren't enough bragging rights for him!

There he is looking like "Animal" from the Muppets, playing drums for Sir Paul McCartney!

If anyone is living the life! It's Dave!

I'm still waiting for something catastrophic to happen... is that bad?

Where is Janet Jacksons nipple when you need it?