Grammy's part 1

February 8, 2009

I'm watching the webcast of the Grammy's before the Grammy's...

This is where they give out most of the awards, before the telecast starts.

Earlier this week, I made some predictions, I said who I would LIKE to see win, and who I THOUGHT would win... Â Scroll down to look at the blog from earlier this week, and compare it to the actual winners...

Poor Tia Carerre,

Almost no one is there to pick up their awards...


So, who's won so far?


Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group?

Kings of Leon...

(my prediction, I am 1 for 1)


Best Hard Rock Song?

The Mars Volta

(my prediction, I am 2 for 2)


Best Metal Performance?


(my prediction, I am 3 for 3)

Robert Trujillo actually showed up to accept this award... Gold lame' may not be his best look, You're in Metallica for God's sake!!!



Jimmy Sturr

(my prediction, I am 4 for 4)

Damn, I'm good. I can even predict Polka Grammy's...

Like I said, you don't F*CK with Jimmy Sturr!


Finally, Best Rock Album?Â

This is being given out during the LIVE show.

Hopefully, I will go 5 for 5

I predicted Kid Rock, however...

Even though I would like to see Metallica win, I think I'd like to change my mind, and predict Coldplay...

We'll see, but I'm doing good so far.


I'm really pissed that AC/DC didn't win...

But, I knew they wouldn't.

They are ALWAYS overlooked, even though they have sold more CD's, tickets, merchandise, and their music is used constantly in films and at sporting events...

Does this mean that AC/DC is an 'underground' band?

They may not be the 'critics darlings' the way The Mars Volta are, but I'm pretty sure ANY musician would trade careers with them ANY DAY!!!

Off to watch more of the Red Carpet stupidity...