Gotye pays tribute to fan tributes... Does that make sense?

August 13, 2012

You can say what you want about Gotye's hit song "Somebody That I Used to Know"... Love it, hate it, don't get it... whatever.
But what you have to admit, is that it is a HUGE smash hit song for the otherwise unknown singer.
Just in case you live in a cave, here is the original song for you to check out.

That video has been seen over 299 MILLION times on YouTube. Pretty impressive.
Some of those views, would have to be people learning the song, so they could make their own 'tribute' version and load it up online. Well, Gotye noticed how many versions were floating around online, and he did something cool with them.

He made a fan "tribute" video out of his fan's "tribute" videos... I know, it sounds confusing. Watch it below.

I think it's cool that an artist would pay so much attention to what their fans are doing. Some of those versions are hilarious! HI BARRY!!!!!!!