Godsmack singer Sully Erna - Solo song released? (sort of)

July 29, 2010

Sully Erna has been busy lately! With The Oracle debuting at #1 on the Billboard chart (the 3rd straight time for Godsmack) and a tour that is sure to follow... What is going on with the rumored solo album that he recorded?

You may have noticed that  if you buy the deluxe edition of The Oracle on iTunes... You get a bonus track! It's a song called The Departed featuring Sully and Lisa Guyer.

Check it out below!

This quote was posted on the official Sully Erna facebook page on January 27, 2010. "Â SOLO RECORD is also coming this year. Looking like an August release for the entire CD.
This record is by far the best music i've ever written, and i really look forward to all of you hearing it. And i really look forward to introducing Lisa Guyer (my singer on this record) to all of you. Girls, you are gonna love her voice. AMAZING!!!
I put everything i know into this record and it is truly a timeless, beautiful piece of art. Completely opposite of what Godsmack does, but nevertheless, very beautiful record. So when you're not in the mood to crank up and drive 100 mph, this is the record you're going to want to put on when you need to just zone out and enjoy some wine and candles. Have fun with it!!

I will keep you all posted as we get closer to releasing it. But what i know for now is, the first single titled:
"THE DEPARTED" will be coming out in March attached to a movie called "SOLOMON KANE".

And then the follow up single titled "SINNER'S PRAYER" will be attached to the new Sylvester Stallone movie called, "THE EXPENDIBLES". I believe that single should hit radio by July with the release of the movie and the entire solo record in August."

Keep listening to WAAF for more details!