Freak show!

July 7, 2009

Welcome one and all to the FREAK SHOW!

I'm sorry, but this is just morbid... And I love morbid! Marilyn Manson is morbid, Gwar is morbid, NIN is morbid, but they are on PURPOSE! The Michael Jackson service is morbid and they're not trying to be!

Having a contest to 'win' tickets to a memorial service? Creepy!

Elephants outside the Staples Center? I don't even know what to say about that!

The Jackson brothers carrying the casket while wearing one sequined glove, just weird!

The gold casket in front of the stage at the Staples Center that got a standing O when it was wheeled in? Creepy.Â

Creepy like this picture of Jackson kissing James Browns dead body! The whole thing is just weird...

They needed a SWAT team to protect the casket as it made it's way to the memorial service? A SWAT team? He's already dead! I just don't get it! Nevermind that it cost 4 million dollars from the City of Los Angeles budget for this! And, they're broke! They are asking for donations! Maybe the Jacksons should pay for it... Now that they are raking in the cash because all of his albums are topping the charts again! Why are we paying for this?

This is a FREAK SHOW!!!

Oh and by the way...

8 American soldiers have died in the last 2 days in Afganistan!