Feds to seek the DEATH Penalty in Marathon Bombing case of #2.

January 30, 2014


It was announced today that the Feds will seek the death penalty in the prosecution of #2, who has been sitting in the Federal Prison at Devens, since he was pulled from that boat in Watertown after the Boston Marathon bombing.

This decision has been a long time coming, with opinions being offered from both sides of the argument.

Whether you are for or against the death penalty doesn't matter. What I think doesn't matter. It doesn't change what happened that day on Boylston Street that afternoon. Lives were lost, limbs were taken, a city was changed, and a country was reminded of what is possible everyday.

If I had it my way, if and when he is found guilty, the victims and their families would be allowed to carry out whatever sentence they see fit for the crime. But that's not how we do things... that would be considered inhumane, not unlike those pressure cookers.

But, I still would prefer his death over his life in jail, even though I know he will be viewed as a martyr by those that inspired him and those that will be inspired BY him. I say this because I know people that work behind the walls. People who protect all of us, from the likes of him, everyday, out of sight.

These unsung heroes, behind the walls of our prisons, never get on the news for doing a great job. They work in places the rest of us aren't allowed to go or see. They carry the well balanced meals provided to the worst of the worst, while being sworn at, threatened, spit on, assaulted, and covered in urine and other bodily fluids. And, did I forget to mention, they are UNARMED?

So, if you are of the mindset that he will "get what's coming to him in prison", or that they will "lock him up and throw away the key", that's not really the case. Everyday behind bars, serving out a life sentence, #2 would have the ability to go to school, file frivolous lawsuits, exercise, and plot an assault on the officers that are there protecting the rest of us from the likes of him. What else does he have to fill his time? If #2 has Hep C or HIV, and he throws his blood on an officer, HIPAA laws protect him, not the officers. And yes, he could be charged with assaulting an officer, but he's doing life already! What are you going to do, add more time? And, if #2 were assaulted by another inmate, he and his family would have the right to SUE the officers for not protecting him! 

Just because he's out of sight, doesn't mean that there aren't people putting their lives on the line everyday protecting you from him. So if and when he is found guilty, I hope they get it right! It won't change what happened that day, but I know I'll sleep a little better knowing that he won't have the ability to hurt ANYONE ever again!


What do you think?