Biker Blog vol. 1

June 8, 2009

Biker Blog vol. 1
Well, I'm jealous of Mike Hsu... He came up with a GREAT IDEA! He found a way to 'get paid' to drink beer... BLOG about it! He's doing 'research'! HA!

So, I thought... 'Hey, I can do that too!' You gotta go with what you know right? I asked around... Bra Blog? talk about all of the amazing BRA's out there? Meat Blog? sample different meats and write about it? You know how much I love meat! Mike Hsu suggested BOTH!bacon-bra-01

Then someone called the request line and said...

"What about BIKES"? PERFECT!

So, I'll try to cover a little bit of everything in my Biker Blog. Just please remember, like with Sports, I am not expert! I will say stupid things, make mistakes, and look like an idiot... But if you listen to my show, you know that already! :)

First things first... He's mine! It's an Anniversary Edition Harley Davidson Softail Deucebike-2. Here's what it looked like the day I picked it up with 9 miles on it! Ain't she perty? Well, she looks a lot better now! I added the pipes and bags the day I got it. Since then I've changed the bars, lines, lights, tank, fenders, rims, cables, mirrors, and almost every piece of 'non-chrome' to make it awesome. I also had a custon paint job done by Krazy Kustoms and Thin Air Graphics.




Here's a look at the paint! It kicks ass!








Here's what it looks like now that it's done!



Now that I've 'shown you mine'... Feel free to show me yours! You can email me pictures to

Next order of business... Charity Motorcycle rides!

We have a Charity Events Page, this is where we post all of the Charity Events that you guys send us. If you want your ride posted, email all of the info... and I mean ALL, (website, contact info, charity details, date, cost etc) to me and we'll try to get it up for you!

Finally, with Bike Week coming up this weekend, everyone is asking what the hell is going on? Join me...

Saturday June 13 from 12p-3p


Kelly's House of Harley

Pre-Laconia Open House

Route 3a, Billerica

Click here for details and directions!


Saturday, June 20 6p-8p


MS Mt. Washington

211 Lakeside Ave

'Down the Weirs'

Live Bands and more!