Biker Blog- Bruce Rossmeyer

August 4, 2009

Bruce Rossmeyer

May 28, 1943 ~ July 30, 2009


At the end of last week, we got some sad news...

Harley Davidson legend, and owner of Boston Harley, Bruce Rossmeyer was killed in a motorcycle accident while riding to Sturgis Bike Week.

I only met Bruce a few times, but it only took once for Bruce to make an impression on me! He was a big, intimidating looking guy, with a smile that could melt an igloo! This guy found the secret of life! Find something that you love and pour all of your efforts and passion into it, and you'll become a success...  a happy success! He was devoted to his family, his work and his many charitable interests. He was just a great guy!

His funeral was today in Florida. Over a thousand people were there, some on motorcycles, even Bruce who was taken to the church on a Harley hearse trailor...

Bruce is the third person that I know that has crashed on his bike in 2 years. Two of those three died, none were wearing helmets.

The online debate over motorcycle helmets started up on messageboards withing minutes of the news of Bruce's accident. There are 2 sides to this issue, and both believe that they are right... Freedom vs. safety, both are good things! Bruce's accident happened on a back road, the driver of the truck said that he used his left turn signal, the riders say they didn't see it. Bruce road into the left side of a left turning truck. The bike behind him swerved to avoid hitting the same truck. Bruce was pronounced dead at the scene, according to online reports.

So, who is right? Safety? Freedom? After 2 people that I know crashed last year, I started wearing a DOT certified helmet all the time, even in NH and RI where I don't have to by law. I know, I know... I should have been doing that all along! Now you sound like my mother! I always hated them, they were big, awkward and UGLY! This summer, I bought a new one, that is a little less Kazoo looking. I actually don't mind it. This is my choice, and for me it's the right one.

It comes down to trust, and I don't trust the people in the cars around me to get off of the phone, to stop texting, to use their mirrors, to turn their heads and to LOOK for me! I trust my own abilities, but not the other people around me! Car drivers always complain about the noise of motorcycles... Well, that's why we have loud pipes... SO YOU'LL NOTICE US!

But, some bikers make the rest of us look like a**holes, and that sucks!

The bottom line is, you've got to be careful out there. Helmet, no helmet, whatever! Share the road, be alert, and be careful!

None of this will bring back Bruce or any of the other people that have been lost in motorcycle accidents and for that I am sorry.

The world is a little bit less fun without Bruce Rossmeyer.