Biker Blog 3: Where do I go now?

July 20, 2009

So, you've got your bike... The weather is good... Now what? Where do you go now? Well, I thought it was a good question for the Biker Blog, so let's come up with some ideas!

First, try a Charity Motorcycle Ride. It's a fun way to ride in a big, safe group and do something good for a deserving charity.

Keep your eyes on the Charity Events Page we're always updating it with new rides etc. If you have a ride you want listed... Email me at

If a Charity Ride isn't happening, and you're looking for a nice ride and good food at your final destination... This is open to suggestion.

Here's one...

I recently discovered that an old college friend of mine opened this place 3 years ago. It's on Water Street along the ocean in Plymouth, Ma. It's got an outdoor patio, so you can park your bike on the street and keep an eye on it.

The food is great, and not too pricey. It's in a great spot if you're on your way to or from the Cape, or you just want to visit Plymouth's famous ROCK!

Check out their menu on their official website:

Blue-Eyed Crab

Plot out your ride by clicking here for directions!

Now, I've made a suggestion to you...

Where do like to ride? What route do you take? Send links, pictures, directions etc! Let's get out on the roads and enjoy the rest of this summer!

See you on the street!