Biker Blog #2

June 22, 2009

Bike Week 2009

I know it may be hard to believe, but I made it up to Laconia and back without getting stuck in the rain. Of course, I was prepared for it to rain, I had my rain gear packed in my saddle bags, and I was mentally prepared for it to rain, it looked like it was going to rain, but IT DIDN'T! At least on Saturday.

A small group of us left around Noon on Saturday and headed up 93 to Laconia. I was trying out my new DOT helmet. I hate wearing the big Kazoo  helmets, so for years, I just wore a brain bucket. But, after having a few people that I know crash, some lived, some didn't... I went on a quest to find a DOT helmet that didn't look stupid, I succeeded! It cost me $150 but it's worth it! I had to pull over at the rest area, after the toll on 93 to adjust my non-kazoo helmet. It was acting like a parachute and trying to pull me off of my bike. My neck was killing me. While I was adjusting my helmet a group of young, smokin' hot girls on 'rockets' went by! All dressed in pink and other cute, girly colors... showing off the 'stamps' on their lower backs, my friends tried to catch them, but they had no chance.

It was obvious from the start that the police were out in force this year! I got passed by a few guys, breaking landspeed records, that ended up getting pulled over a few miles up the road. I had to laugh as I went by!

The first stop was the Broken Spoke! Danny Klien's Full House was playing, and Miller Lite was hosting the party! I tried to park in a field next to the Spoke and got stuck in the mud! I covered my friend Nick with mud, since he was right behind me when my wheel was spinning! Sorry Nick! A big thank you to Roy, who ended up pushing me out of the mud, it wasn't pretty! After looking at some cool bikes, introducing the band and doing a little shopping it was off to the Weirs, to cruise the strip and do a little shopping!


The strip was packed! It was hot, sticky and everyone needed to take a shower! That's bike week for you! The strip is a little bit of everything, tourists, locals, hard core bikers and even groups on MOPEDS! A group from Boston rode up 3o+ strong on MOPEDS! These guys had balls! Everything stopped when the MOPEDS went by, people were laughing and pointing, the sound was hilarious! They yelled 'Mistress give us a plug on Monday!' Here you go guys! I didn't know this subculture existed! But, this is what's great about Bike Week, it's something for everyone. If it's too scary for people like the Moped crew to even show up, what's the point? Sometimes bikers are given a bad wrap, and sometimes they deserve it. Stop taking yourselves so seriously, there are WAY more things in this world to be upset over!

After a little shopping, I headed over the MS Mt. Washington boat for party #2 with Miller Lite. Tom Kiley was there too, answering questions about motorcycle laws etc. Click here to see my recent interview with him! Pay attention to the U coverage part, I called my insurance guys the next day and upped mine. It only cost $40 a year more, and it's well worth it! Thank Tom!

After set #2 from Danny Klien and the boys on the boat, it was time to outrun the rain! I made it home, dry and covered with bugs! I'm seriously thinking about a detachable windshield... I haven't decided yet! I hate taking a bug to the head doing 70 mph on the highway! It's gross!

Thanks to everyone who came out to hang with me this weekend! It was great meeting you all. Check out this video that I found online, I think these are the guys that I saw up in Laconia!