The Beatles, 50 years and still awesome!

February 10, 2014

There are 2 sides of music... You're either a Beatles fan, or an Elvis fan... Pick a side!

I am on the Beatles side of the Rock N Roll fence.

This is me crossing Abbey Road last year!

Everything that modern day rock bands do, can be tied back to the Beatles. You don't have to love the band, to at least respect their influence.

Kiss wouldn't have had lunch boxes, action figures, and stickers in their albums if the Beatles didn't do it first.

Bands wouldn't play stadiums on tour, if the Beatles didn't do it first. (they actually stopped touring because PA systems weren't loud enough to hear the band over the screaming girls)

Subliminal messages, "social media", creative album artwork, and multi track recording are just some of the ways the Beatles charted new territory.

They are the soundtrack of my childhood, and my favorite band of all time. If anyone ever wonders why I'm so "f'*cked up", just listed to this... I heard it as an impressionable young girl. Imagine this song coming out today?

These are some of my favorite Beatles covers...

What's your favorite?