All Foo Fighters, all the time!

February 3, 2011

Is it a surprise to anyone that the upcomingà Foo Fighters album seems to be on everyones mind?

I mean Dave Grohl is everywhere! I've said it before... He is the biggest WHORE in Rock N Roll! But, it's not all bark and no bite with Dave, he's got the chops to back it up! He's had 2 hugely successful bands, and a slew of side projects that have kept us talking about him since the first time we heard Smells Like Teen Spirit 20 years ago! YES it has been that long!!!

The new album (which has no title yet) is due out in March, and there are tons of hints as to what it is going to sound like!

Click HERE to check out the radio tuner the Foo Fighters put up with samples of some of the new songs!

The Foo's played the entire new album LIVE recently. Here is a video of them performing THESE DAYS, in California.

And if you want to take a tour of the studio... Oh, I mean Dave's Garage... check this video out!


And for even more Foo Fighters news: