Alice In Chains Backyard BBQ

September 8, 2009




Well, I gotta thank Rick Demrest! He knows how to throw one hell of a party! OK, OK... We threw the party, but RICK was the man of the hour and everybody knew it...

Even Alice In Chains.

If you didn't know Rick, you weren't getting in! After some drinks, and some great food... It was time for some tunes. Just listening to the soundcheck of Alice In Chains, we knew we were in for a great show! Rick sat front and center! The band was great. You can tell that Jerry, Mike and Sean have welcomed new lead singer William Duvall with open arms... and man can this guy sing! It's not even that HE has the best voice, it's that his voice is a perfect match to Jerry Cantrells. Some people question whether or not they should have kept the name after lead singer Layne Stayley died. After yesterday, there can be no suck debate! Jerry was the founding member, co-singer and co-writer over the bands very successful career... A better question could have been, could Layne have carried the band without Jerry? The answer... NO WAY! There four guys were meant to be in a band together... And there is the added bonus of William playing guitar, it adds just a little something extra to the sound. I say this with all of the respect in the world to Layne. I've been a fan for years... AC/DC carried on after Bon Scott died... Van Halen did it... so why not AIC?

The 4 song acoustic set was as close to perfect as you could get, and only Rick and his friends got to see it... (thanks for letting me in Rick!)


Rick and his kids, with Alice In Chains!

I had a chance to sit down and talk with the entire band before they took off to the Paradise Rick Club to blow the roof off, Â later on that night! WHAT A SHOW! I go back and forth... better acoustic or plugged in?

It depends on my mood I guess!


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Alice In Chains


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