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Professional Bull Rider Josh Faircloth calls Mistress Carrie

Professional Bull Rider Josh Faircloth called me today, to talk about the PBR Velocity Tour coming to the DCU Center at 7pm on Saturday February 25! We talked Bulls , Buckles, Dirt, his mom, winning the Superbowl, and a lot more! Listen to the interview below. Josh Faircloth Hometown: Randleman, N... Read More

Mistress Carrie Interviews Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers

It's dangerous to have a DIE HARD L.A. sports fan loose in the TD Garden, especially when his name is FLEA! The Red Hot Chili Peppers sold out 2 shows at the TD Garden, and have been in town since the amazing Patriots 'come from behind' victory in SuperBowl 51. Lets just say, Flea and the the rest... Read More

How did you react to the Patriots win?

Superbowl 51, was a game for the ages. The Goat got his 5th ring, and Patriots Nation got no sleep! How did you react when they scored that game winning TD in overtime? Watch my reaction here, in a house filled with die hard Pats fans, and friends that I've known since childhood. Beware, I had a... Read More

2017 kicks 2016's ass!

We are 2 weeks in to 2017, and it's already awesome. 2016 kicked everyone's asses, but 2017 is looking up! Here are a few reasons why! 1. Tool is coming to Boston . 2. The Pats are in the AFC Championship 3. Betty White turned 95 4. The Rock announced that he sleeps naked! 5. A Death Metal answer... Read More

New Year, new time!

Everyone says it, but this year, I mean it! 2016 wasn't a great year for a lot of people, myself included. I'm not going to get into why I hated 2016 so much, but lets just say, it sucked. 2017 is going to be a great year, for a TON of reasons. Here is my Top 10. 1. I've got a new timeslot. I'm on... Read More

WWE Superstar Sheamus called Mistress Carrie

WWE Superstar Sheamus called in today. He spent a lot of time in Boston pre WWE, and is coming back on Saturday to bring the WWE Holiday Tour to the Tsongas Center on Saturday, December 10th. We talked about his days in Boston, before he was a wrestler. His favorite childhood Christmas gifts, his... Read More

Santa came early for Me & Mike Hsu

If you've got a Soundgarden fan on your shopping list, check out the Badmotorfinger Box Set that just came out. Mike Hsu and I just got one in the mail... It's awesome! Video of Mistress Carrie & Mike Hsu Open Soundgarden's "Batmotorfinger" Box Set Read More