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Right now it's just Siri.  Then it will be something more...

Here's a great learning tool for young spellers.  The Metal A to Z!  Make sure they wear ear protection and a black t-shirt.  Are there any styles they forgot to add to this list?

Since it's the middle of the week and it looks like there's no end in sight, I though I would share this video with you.

I love this band.  The Bronx have yet to release a bad album.  They are relentless.  This is the video for "Unholy Hand" which you can find on their album 'The Bronx IV".  Plus, who doesn't love a good Rascal race?

Here's another new NIN song called "Everything" At first I really thought this was a prank.  Not because I think this is bad. In fact, I'm not sure what to think about this song.

You know the story: You've been to the Strip Club for 14 days straight and now when a lovely lady straddles you for your 122nd lappy you feel a burning sensation that makes you fling here off like a safety bar on a rollerc

Buckcherry have been studying their Alice In Wonderland and possibly eating magic mushrooms by the looks of their latest video for "Nothing Left But Tears".

Before Walter White was in the Meth business, he was pushing the H:

This man massages women's breasts for a living.  For a very important reason of course.  New Mothers who are having a hard time breast feeding their babies sometimes need this treatment.  In China it's a booming business.

Jon D. Davies, Sr. was a 17 year veteran of the Worcester Fire Department who lost his life in the line of duty on December 8, 2011.

The few Norwegians I've met were kind, polite, and enjoyed sensible outerwear.  But after many drinks the raging Viking spirit inside of them was awakened and they were able to harness greatness in their inebriated state.

Ok, first off, I will never let my daughter(who is 9) post her own videos.  I am a freaking Blackhawk Helicopter of a Parent when she is on-line.

There you are, stuck on the Highway during the worst blizzard since 78'.  The nearest exit is too far away to risk your life in the complete white out conditions.

The new Nine Inch Nails album 'Hesitation Marks' comes out on September 3rd and they have released another track called "Copy Of A".

The new Pearl Jam album 'Lightning Bolt' comes out October 15 and we've been playing the new single "Mind Your Manners".

So, you're a Independent Hardcore band from Nottingham, U.K. and you want to make a video but you have limited funds. You also don't want to have to dig into your drinking money for this either. What can you do?

This guy is amazing!  This story is inspirational.  It's about love and perseverance.  I am so damned move by this video.  You don't have to be a musician to appreciate how much soul Dean Zimmer has.  

This is 19 year old Adequate Advocate(legal name: Joshua Jackson).  He allegedly pulled a knife on his roommates in their Fort Collins apartment which led to a standoff with Police.  While surrounded by local SWAT Mr.

IT'S SHARK WEEK!!! HOLY CRAP! Every year the appetite for fresh Shark Educational Programming is sated by the Discovery channel for a whole flesh tearing week.

As a boob man I am very, VERY, disappointed.  I mean..there should be a law against this kind of advertising!  Maybe I'm just pissed because the end made my boner drop faster than an A-Rod endorsement deal.