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Cartoon Presidential Candidate Donald Trump gave out Lindsey Graham's phone number

I am so glad The Patriots aren't getting all legal about Lacey Noonan's Rob Gronkowski Erotic Fiction pamphlet(it's only 68 pages) "A Gro

This is the stuff of bad acid trips...or a good one.  Never thought I'd see Boy George fist bumping Robby Krieger.  

This shovel may have been possessed by the spirit of Kurt Cobain.  He just decided to enter it while this poor bastard was shoveling.

You may have seen this video on the interwebs recently:

As we all may remember pouring buckets of ice-cold water over our heads to aid in ALS research, online challenges in the name of charity has become an ongoing fad.  If you are not familiar, the newest of these fads that is

A friend of mine posted this to my Facebook page: