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Here are the trailers for my Top 5 Horror Films:
Thanks to our Imaging guy Kaiser for sending this to me.  It's pretty hilarious, especially if you've ever had to sit through one of these...with regular people not with killers.
Emma Anzai photo by Larry Gaffey.
World Champion Competitive Eater Joey Chestnut recently broke another record by eating 121 Twinkies in less than six minutes.  He averaged 20 of the delicious snack cakes per minute.
Pre-teen kids in Halloween costumes: CUTE!  Pre-teen kids eating crappy health candy and throwing up: even CUTER! Also, a kid spits up his cupcake in his space helmet!  That's an instant classic.
The new Steel Panther Album, 'All You Can Eat' comes out early next year but you get an appetizer here with their ne w video for "Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The
It's been Pearl Jam week on Jimmy Fallon and they're capping it off with the Band of honor on the last two nights.
Jimmy Fallon declared it "Pearl Jam Week last week and fellow Dog Chris Cornell pay tribute to the band by doing their song "Footsteps" with Avett Brothers Scott and Seth.
I posted yesterday about Steel Panther taking the education crisis in this country upon their backs and leading the crusade for Science.
This is how someone like Chris Cornell has fun.  I always suspected Soundgarden with deliberately pulling musical shenanigans and production tricks to specifically play with my head.
Atoms For Peace make music that plays with your mind.  So you know the videos will do the same.
The United States Of America ranks 17th in the world when it comes to education.  We have slipped 10 places in the past three decades.
Somwhere Kirk Hammet is shuddering from a sudden chill.  

This is genius! Such a simple idea, so many great breasts. I'm sure if an old creepy guy with a beard like me tried doing this I'd be logging in to the Sex Offender Registry.

From Director Joe Nicolosi..a horrifying tale of good decision making and reason.

I don't twerk. In fact, I don't dance at all. I have no rhythm and cannot bring myself to subject other humans who may be around me to such a horrific spectacle.

Taylor Hawkins, the drummer/surfer dude of Foo Fighters took a "Why not?" attitude when asked to portray iconic Rock Legend Iggy Pop

There is so much greatness in this Hot Pockets commercial, it's going to make my head explode!

Please remember that October is Breast cancer Awareness Month. You can get more info here.

I'm also glad that The Rebecca Romijn Hand Bra is here for Women everywhere:

Roger Waters recently finished up his tour of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' which was one of the best shows I've ever witnessed in my life. It was a gigantic production and an epic tour.