One - U2 2:12 PM


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Shortly after this performance David Bowie(Rock God)Â and Marianne Faithful(x-girlfriend of Mick Jagger and Metallica collaborator)Â got busy and made a baby who was later given up for adoption and named Stefani Joanne Ang

Ladies and Gentlemen, the George Mason University Green Machine. Fantastic job with Rage Against The Machine. Fuck you, we won't pay our student loans back!

This is so good I had to share with my fellow Achievers...and nerds. Thanks to Ray Clouthier for sending this to me.

I knew this was the case:

Two Legends enjoying a few laughs. One created a secret recipe that supposedly contained an ingredient that hooked you like an addict and made you buy his chicken every two weeks.(Totally unsubstantiated and actually t

This was THE best part of last night's Grammy Awards. CBS reporter Serena Branson's tribute to Jodie Foster's performance in "Nell". She blamed it on a delay in her earpiece. I think she was sending secret messages t

...If the only thing I can think about when I watch this is, "Is that a Kielbasa or some kind of Bratwurst?"Â And, "They're wasting food!"