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The video from Fox 25 below is further proof we need a 24 hour cable channel dedicated to Security camera footage. Reality Television that is actually real.

I believe this is further proof the Westboro Baptist Church is really a performance art project by a German Futurist Group parodying the American Religious Right. So far, they're doing a great job.


This guy has mad Holiday skills:

"March Of The Pigs" from Nine Inch Nails live DVD "The Day The World Went Away. Also an excellent theme song if you are in line for an "Rough Skirt Search" or Tumor Tan at the airport this week.

This is one of the best freak outs I've seen since Tuesday. This kid should get a great marketing/PR job for this Gem. I love how the Dad is trying to hide his pride in his Son's effort.

Has anyone at PETA watched this? Of course, you can't hear a carrot screaming when you rip it out of the ground.

Some scientists have recently put out a study saying that mankind is ready to  travel to Mars.  Unfortunately we don't

Suck it up because they are not coming East. Great performance of "The Noose":