Longview - Green Day 12:01 PM

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Here's the full set from the private gig Jane's Addiction did for the Google I/O Developers Conference. There are some old nuggets here like, "Been Caught Stealing" and "Jane Says". They also play a new song, "End To T

The number one reason is I don't like looking at dead bodies. Especially ones that are disfigured. I don't mind watching a guy getting blown apart in "District 9" or "Saving Private Ryan" because that's a movie. Even

Don't let the Government take our right to express ourselves through TV....or Frank's.

The Beastie Boys will finally release some new music on May 3rd in the form of "Hot Sauce Committee Part Two". Check out the sample of "Make Some Noise" below. "Make Some Noise" will be available to download from April

The best response to the "Alexandra Wallace Asians In The Library Rant" I've seen so far. For the record, I'm Chinese and I don't think she's a racist. She's too stupid to be a racist.