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OK GO know how to make Music videos and product placement INTERESTING.

Loving the new Black Keys album "El Camino".  This new video for "Gold On The Ceiling" is a Vintage Guitar Buffet Of Jerk Material.  This is Dan Auerbach showing how big his pre- 1970's classic dick is.

In 2009 a man named Casey Pugh envisioned Star Wars Fans coming together on-line to pay tribute to what some of them may consider to be the Greatest Film In History.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have always been pioneers in the Music Video field.  They use the medium as another avenue to freak you out.

Jane's Addiction's new video for "Underground" is filled with freaks. No surprise there. Do you know what album cover and band they are referencing in this video? Leave your guess in the comment section below.

Eddie really kills it here. I hope DLR's voice makes it to The Boston show on 3/11.

This is brilliant. I kind of love the song now too...but only this version.

 Thank you Jimmy Fallon: