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I don't care who you're voting for.  This is a masterful piece of work.  I actually think this makes Mitt look a lot cooler.   ...well, on second watch....um, no.

Look at this amazing piece of art!  If this were to stand undisturbed for 1000 years, archeologists would speculate that the people that built it worshipped this delicious black liquid like a God.

Let's be honest.  We've thought about doing this or something similar out on the asshole ridden roads of The Commonwealth.

Sometimes you just need a little visual help to get where an artist is coming from.  Now I understand what LMFAO are talking about.  

Thanks to Roland J. Young for turning me on to this sexiness.

Yeah, that's right!  A CUPCAKE ATM!!!  HOLY SHIT!!!  Solar Flares and Giant Asteroids be damned, I think we live in truly amazing times!  Freshly baked cupcakes at the swipe of your money card.


This girl is pissed.  She has been wronged and like so many the world over she has taken to the internet to air her grievances and answer injustice.

Not my words. Just some douche who thinks he's the Happiness Fairy trying to sprinkle me with Happy Dust.

This is part of a series backed by Converse called "3 Artist, 1 Song".  This one features Gorillaz, Andre 3000(Outkast), and James Murphy(LCD Soundsystem).