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This is Mike Hsu's Blog.

I'm pretty sure this hasn't been done before.  I mean, there have been some "Crap" Zombie movies made but this HAS to be a first.

A rapping Red Snapper, a Bagel throwing down, and a Green Pepper with a silver grill.

Incorporating BBQ into the Grilled Cheese Challenge was easy.  Two great heart stopping treats in one.  I slow cooked a couple of chicken breasts and with BBQ sauce and then shredded those baby's.

Since I'm probably forming some kind of cheese plug in my intestines from this Odyssey I thought a little ruffage would be in order.

This one has Smoked Gouda and Crushed Red Pepper Flakes to add some heat.  The melting brought out the smokiness of the Gouda even more.  Make the bread extra crispy and get yourself a good Stout.

Sorry I haven't been posting lately.  I've been backed really, it's been over 20 days of Grilled Cheese and I'm BACKED UP!  I'm going to eat nothing but Lettuce and Prunes for the next month.

This week the Presidential Campaigns are focusing on the youth vote by addressing Student Loans and Interest Rates.

I was nursing a cold all day Tuesday by guzzling NyQuil and had a vision of a Frog waiting for the bus so he could get to work to support his Tadpoles.  Look at this guy.

During "The Greatest Rock Band In The World's" tour of New Zealand Jack Black stumbled upon two 10 year old kids jamming Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower" in Christchurch.

There are some dishes, much like Revenge, that are best served cold.  That includes the delicious ingredients in any good Mediterranean Platter.  Hot Cucumbers and Hummus are not a good combination.

The Jalapeno Popper is one of the greatest bar foods ever.  Right up there with Hot Wings and Nachos.  This is basically a giant Popper deep fried in tons of butter.

I looooove Pesto!  My wife made some fresh and I had to use it for my Grilled Cheese Odyssey.  It's pretty simple:  Shredded Mozzarella, Pesto, and inappropriately buttered bread.  Get it really crispy and enjoy.

This one straddles the line between Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Panini.