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For all the Parents...of course, I would never do this to my 7 year old daughter...she's an Angel.  Still, I wish it was real.

The folks at PETA(People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) have always been crafty about getting their message out by using the delicious Female form, which draws in the Meat eating Neanderthals like me.

Yeah, that's David Koechner(Anchor Man, Run Ronnie Run) in one of the best 5 Second Films yet.

The guys at VitalyzdTv have some big Zombie Balls...or they're brain dead.

Researchers at The University Of Tokyo have claimed they invented Goggles that makes food look larger in an effort to help diet

While searching for a quality "Hogan's Heroes" clip to pay tribute to the late Richard Dawson(who played Corporal Newkirk on the show) I found this Psychedelic Era Gem that he reco

Not any of the usual suspects like The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, or even The Rolling Stones could get as high as these guys.  They wouldn't even be able to survive the trip.

Los Angeles musician Andy Rehfeldt played all the instruments in this amazing mix.  It's synced up so well it's messing with my head.  And I'm not even stoned!

..according to this guy.  Most of this is true.  Sometimes(most of the time...ok all the time) it's easier to score a sweet satchel.

Looks like the State Of Idaho is showing the Mormon Capital of the world how it's done.

Main Blue Stahli member Bret claims he is often visited in his dreams by the ghost of late Beat Icon and Junky Messiah William S. Burroughs.

I've researched extensively and from what I can tell, this is a real movie.  Thank You Japan!

Mondays suck.  But Tuesdays after a long Weekend are the "Passing a Kidney Stone" of days.  Thankfully we have the "Internets".

Aerosmith debuted the new song "Legendary Child" on that thorny turd called American Idol last night.  The song is pretty good but I've only heard it a couple of times.