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Thankfully they weren't there for a Wax Job.

The Vision seems a little miffed about not being part of the team for the first Blockbuster.  And I agree!

First off, Cinco De Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day.

These young prospective Belgian Drivers were told they had to pass a Mobile Phone Test while going for their license.  Let's see how that turned out: 

Rolling Stone has an exclusive stream for a new Eddie Vedder solo tune called "Skipping".

I'm pretty sure this hasn't been done before.  I mean, there have been some "Crap" Zombie movies made but this HAS to be a first.

A rapping Red Snapper, a Bagel throwing down, and a Green Pepper with a silver grill.

Incorporating BBQ into the Grilled Cheese Challenge was easy.  Two great heart stopping treats in one.  I slow cooked a couple of chicken breasts and with BBQ sauce and then shredded those baby's.

Since I'm probably forming some kind of cheese plug in my intestines from this Odyssey I thought a little ruffage would be in order.

This one has Smoked Gouda and Crushed Red Pepper Flakes to add some heat.  The melting brought out the smokiness of the Gouda even more.  Make the bread extra crispy and get yourself a good Stout.

Sorry I haven't been posting lately.  I've been backed really, it's been over 20 days of Grilled Cheese and I'm BACKED UP!  I'm going to eat nothing but Lettuce and Prunes for the next month.

This week the Presidential Campaigns are focusing on the youth vote by addressing Student Loans and Interest Rates.