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This past weekend Metallica threw their gigantic Metal Hat into the ring of Summer Festivals with The Orion Music And More Festival in beautiful New Jersey.

The guys at 5 Second Films take a little time to talk to Grouplove, who's song "Tongue Tied" is shooting up the charts.  They may need a new guitar player though.

In these times of economic instability, election year negative ad overload, and former Pro Baseball Players getting off from charges of Lying To Congress, we are all in need of some straight forward, no bullshit, Honesty.

If Golf was as entertaining as this moment all the time I'd watch more often.  We need more pie-ing in Golf too.  Pies in faces are always a sure thing.  Maybe even during play.

Green Day have unveiled the album art for ¡UNO!, the first of the band's upcoming trilogy of releases coming in November. Billie Joe Armstrong's fa

This is my favorite Pink Floyd album.  I remember being fascinated by the cover but frightened by the music when I was very young.

Of the Big Three Fast Food burger chains Burger King tried the hardest to remain true to itself.  Shunning efforts to offer “Healthier” items like salads, wraps, and smoothies.  The King didn’t believe the alarmist cries o

From Psychologist, Professor, and "World's Most Interesting Man" candidate Richard Wiseman.  Although I would suggest using these with your "gambling" friends as opposed t

For all the Parents...of course, I would never do this to my 7 year old daughter...she's an Angel.  Still, I wish it was real.

The folks at PETA(People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) have always been crafty about getting their message out by using the delicious Female form, which draws in the Meat eating Neanderthals like me.

Yeah, that's David Koechner(Anchor Man, Run Ronnie Run) in one of the best 5 Second Films yet.

The guys at VitalyzdTv have some big Zombie Balls...or they're brain dead.

Researchers at The University Of Tokyo have claimed they invented Goggles that makes food look larger in an effort to help diet