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KFC has finally unleashed their Double-Down Chicken Sandwich on the world this week and Stephen Colbert pays tribute to it's deadly goodness while twisting in mental illness, the war in Afghanistan, and a Hitler joke. He

This is one of those conflicting moments. While this video of what looks like 3rd graders reenacting the movie "Scarface" is quite hilarious, it's also rather disturbing. I don't know if these kids even know what they'

Threats of violence, hoping for a slow death, breaking windows, and racial slurs. This is no way for the citizens of the greatest Democracy on the planet to act. Here's a lesson from the Masters:

The Onion RULES! I think this drug already exists. It's called the Real News.

I thought I was really missing out by not having an iphone, but shit man! Look at this! I'm skipping work to get in line to get one of these janks! If I don't, I'll be left behind like the neanderthals and the chimps!

When the bosses came to me and said, "We need you to go to Dublin for a live broadcast at the Jameson Irish Whiskey Distillery on St.

I love Sean Penn. Great Actor, great humanitarian, Class A, Son Of A Bitch. Rock On Spicolli.