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After an epic Bruins fail, the Sox losing two in Detroit, Finding out Ronnie James Dio is Mortal, and the oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico expanding to the size of..well The Gulf Of Mexico, we need to take a break. Treat

There are 99 Words For Boobs. Don't believe me? Here's video proof.

KFC has finally unleashed their Double-Down Chicken Sandwich on the world this week and Stephen Colbert pays tribute to it's deadly goodness while twisting in mental illness, the war in Afghanistan, and a Hitler joke. He

This is one of those conflicting moments. While this video of what looks like 3rd graders reenacting the movie "Scarface" is quite hilarious, it's also rather disturbing. I don't know if these kids even know what they'

Threats of violence, hoping for a slow death, breaking windows, and racial slurs. This is no way for the citizens of the greatest Democracy on the planet to act. Here's a lesson from the Masters:

The Onion RULES! I think this drug already exists. It's called the Real News.