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A couple of days ago I came across this video.  I was thoroughly amazed:


If you're going to make a Music Video about "The Road" there are a few requirements:

1.  It has to be filmed in Black And White.(Makes it more dramatic)

His name is Davis Didinato and he has been shredding up his Guitar since Yesterday at 6 P.M.  He has only been allowed one 5 minute break an hour.  It's amazing how good he still sounds.


Thankfully they weren't there for a Wax Job.

The Vision seems a little miffed about not being part of the team for the first Blockbuster.  And I agree!

First off, Cinco De Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day.

These young prospective Belgian Drivers were told they had to pass a Mobile Phone Test while going for their license.  Let's see how that turned out: