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Zach Curd is a musician and video producer..at least that's what I get from his website.

After watching this and letting the creepiness subside I started to wonder what other Scientifically Accurate Super Heroes there could be.  Then I decided to stop and to just kill spiders.

This is probably the easiest order these people have had to deal with that night.  I'd like to try to pick up my kid at school with this set up.  

It's a question that has been asked for as long as the cookie has existed.  Do you like the cookie or the filling in an Oreo Cookie?  Much time and delicious cookie parts have been wasted finding the answer.

Here's your first video taste of Device, the new project featuring Dave Draiman from Disturbed. The self-titled album will be out on April 9.

This is Lisa Dutton and Kevin Stansfield, Saskatoon's #1 Morning News Team.  They are friendly, informative, and educational.

Black Sabbath have released some footage of the band working on their upcoming new album 13, which is due in June.

Anthrax will be releasing an EP of covers on March 19 called Anthems, a tribute to some of the classic rock tunes beloved by the band.

Now you have the chance to write music and instantly pop it on your turntable.  Well..if you like Electronic Music.  This is the Dyskograf:

Device is the new project by Disturbed singer David Draiman.

The Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Des Moines, Iowa is a pigs nightmare and a highway to Heaven for anyone with a weak heart.

The Man Of A Million Projects, Dave Grohl has been guest hosting Chelsea Lately this week and Sir Elton John made an appearance this week.

Clip on your boots and get in the pit! It's ok if your arm breaks off because you can just clip it back on.  Sure you're "Hardcore".  But are you LEGOCORE?! 

The Defendant's name is Penelope Soto, busted for possession of Xanax and being really ditzy.  Presiding over this case is the Honorable Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat.

Here's another release from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "I'm With You Sessions".  It's an 8 minute space jam called "In Love Dying".

This is a news report from KMPH, Fresno, CA on a bizarre incident involving a big crazy guy who thinks he's Jesus, a homeless Surfer Dude with a hatchet, an African American Utility Worke

I was at a friends Super Bowl party this past Sunday and ate a couple of Peirogis, some Kielbasa, a small pulled pork sandwich, four Buffalo Wings, a bowl of Buffalo Chicken Chili, and a bowl of regular Beef Chili, a walle

Last year Will Ferrell made a very Ferrell-esque Super Bowl Commercial for Old Milwaukee.  It only ran in a couple of small markets.  Why did Farrell do it?