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If you bought the Deluxe Edition of Nine Inch Nails new album 'Hesitation Marks' then you already have this.  If not, then this is Trent Reznor explaining some of the ideas behind the new album into a handheld recorder.

Stone Temple Pilots V.2 held a rehearsal in Hollywood this past Sunday and invited about 30 fan club members as they rolled through a 6 song set that was heavy on deep tracks:

Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis was kind enough to take a few minutes to talk about their new album 'Paradigm Shift'(out October 8), their show at The Palladium in Worcester

Pearl Jam tapped Danny Clinch, the director of their 2006 live DVD "Imagine In Cornice" to direct their latest video.  It looks like he and the band were going for a mid-80's MTV Punk/Alternative feel.

Right now it's just Siri.  Then it will be something more...

Here's a great learning tool for young spellers.  The Metal A to Z!  Make sure they wear ear protection and a black t-shirt.  Are there any styles they forgot to add to this list?

Since it's the middle of the week and it looks like there's no end in sight, I though I would share this video with you.

I love this band.  The Bronx have yet to release a bad album.  They are relentless.  This is the video for "Unholy Hand" which you can find on their album 'The Bronx IV".  Plus, who doesn't love a good Rascal race?

Here's another new NIN song called "Everything" At first I really thought this was a prank.  Not because I think this is bad. In fact, I'm not sure what to think about this song.

You know the story: You've been to the Strip Club for 14 days straight and now when a lovely lady straddles you for your 122nd lappy you feel a burning sensation that makes you fling here off like a safety bar on a rollerc

Buckcherry have been studying their Alice In Wonderland and possibly eating magic mushrooms by the looks of their latest video for "Nothing Left But Tears".

Before Walter White was in the Meth business, he was pushing the H:

This man massages women's breasts for a living.  For a very important reason of course.  New Mothers who are having a hard time breast feeding their babies sometimes need this treatment.  In China it's a booming business.

Jon D. Davies, Sr. was a 17 year veteran of the Worcester Fire Department who lost his life in the line of duty on December 8, 2011.

The few Norwegians I've met were kind, polite, and enjoyed sensible outerwear.  But after many drinks the raging Viking spirit inside of them was awakened and they were able to harness greatness in their inebriated state.