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At the CES(Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, companies from around the world get to show off the latest gadgets that will make your life much easier..or dumber.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been releasing a series of vinyl singles consisting of tracks that didn't make it on the I'm With You album.

Independent TV station KDOC in Orange County, CA had a star studded Cluster F**K of a New Years Eve broadcast that included a myriad of f-bombs, a fight, a really high Macy Gray, and so

I have not seen "The Hobbit" yet, but after viewing this Epic I don't think I need to.

In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Ron "Bumblefoot" T

The folks at ADHD have brought an American tradition up to date in this heartwarming video.  Let's just say it's not for the kids.

This happened in Russia, which is like the Florida of Europe these days.  It's scary at first, but once you see the cows stand up like they meant to that then there is a little relief.

It's St. Nick Vs. Moses(played by special guest Snoop "81 Joints A Day" Lion).  While I am partial to the D-O- Double G I'm kinda routing for Santa here.  

There was much hype surrounding Sir Paul McCartney's performance at the 121212 Concert for victims of Hurricane Sandy last night at Madison Square Garden.

This looks pretty EPIC!  Unfortunately it's not out until June. Damn it! MY PANTS ARE TIGHT!!!

I thought this was a joke. I was expecting the punch line at the end of the ad but...this actually exists.

Jack White brought his all female band, The Peacocks, for his appearance on Conan last night.  He toured with this band and an all male band.  You can see both in action here.

This is the first track from the upcoming EP "Dogs Eating Dogs'(out on 12/18/12)  Tom Delonge has described the new music they're making as very different and progressive.  He also used the word "Organic".

I found myself sweating at the end of this video.  I know, I know, I sweat a lot already.  Do they make it or do they become duck sauce? Watch and find out...

The video is for the track "Mein Herz Brennt"(Piano Version).  It will be included on an EP of the same name to be released next Tuesday(12/10).  I needed to power wash my body after watching it.

Metallica have released another clip from the upcoming Double DVD "Quebec Magnetic".(out on December 10th) The clip of "The Four Horsemen" comes from a two night stand the band did in October of 2009.

The surviving members of Led Zeppelin appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman last night after receiving the Kennedy Center Honor from President Obama on Sunday.(Awarded for the substantial contribution to culture a

Is this your family...oh wait..this is my family!

The Gaslight Anthem have released a video for "National Anthem" which comes from their excellent album Handwritten.