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The Pat's may not be in the Super Bowl but that won't stop me from vanquishing a couple of pounds of Hot Wings and enjoying this Mini 'Full House' reunion for Dannon Yogurt.

Drummers are wired differently than other humans.  In my experience, they are absolutely crazy.  People who are hardcore Bicycle Commuters are the same.

Russians are a tough-ass people. Being invaded several times and living under Czars and Dictators probably had something to do with that.  They also may be the hardest drinkers on the planet.

It took the crew at Grey Splatter Studios 4 months to put this piece of Art together. This EPIC Kiss Lego version of "Detroit Rock City" from 'Kiss Alive II', despite being made of children's toys, ROCKS hairy balls!

Some people claim that this annual Italian "sporting" event is the most violent on the planet.  I'm not sure about that.  I've seen some UFC matches that have made me physically ill.

If you missed the Golden Globes Awards last night here it is in 90 seconds thanks to Digg Video:

Some paranoid, skeptics have called the Polar Vortex a term made up by Climate Change Alarmists to further their agenda.


What do a couple of dudes do when the wind chill factor is -51 in Minnesota?  Give a urine soaked chemistry lesson.

This kid is making the most of his Polar Vortex experience.