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So, I walk into the office bathroom this morning and see this in stall #1:

Another great prank by Fousey.  The man's got a good butt, I would have fallen for it.

Meanwhile in Bali...

Seth Rogan was in 'Freaks And Geeks', what I believe to be the second greatest television series in history.(the first being Star Trek, the Original Series)  He was also in the Gra

The Penis.  Men are obsessed with theirs, and heterosexual Women hopefully are too. In Iceland they have the Phallological Museum which has peni from 93 different species except for a human specimen.

I hope when I am 65 years old I am having as much fun as Steven Tyler.

There is so much going on in this video that is hilarious and horrifying.

Olympic Skating Champion and current NBC Sports Analyst, Tara Lapinski really tied the rink together with this routine she did for Jimmy Fallon.

During the various Snowpocalypse we have in New England I get calls from Plow Guys who have been up for over 24 hours, running on nothing but Red Bull and Marlboroughs.

The Boss opened his show in Perth, Australia this past Saturday with ACDC's "Highway To Hell" in tribute to late singer Bon Scott who grew up in the area.  I think Springsteen does justice to the anthem.

So far the big winner at this Winter Olympics has been Bob Costas.  First his gooey bionic eye, and now this:

Here's an interesting piece by Vice on trying to follow the money in Sochi.

I have to admit.  I was a little disappointed to find out the Red Hot Chili Peppers were not plugged in during their Super Bowl Half-Time appearance with Bruno Mars.