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Maybe you're one of those very few humans who has not viewed one of the six Star Wars movies?

Every now and then when you're watching the Red Sox play in Toronto on TV you catch a shining ray of intense greatness coming from behind home plate at The Rogers Center.

I love it when bands jam together like this.

My friend Mark Hartless sent this to me and asked me what I made of it.  Upon first viewing this is what I surmised:

At TWO years old this kid knows how to pick a lock with finger nail clippers.  By 22 he'll be lifting paintings from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and laughing at the world.  Where did he learn how to do this?  

When the venerable Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead turned 50 back in 1995 they had a little party for him at L.A.'s fabled Nightclub Whisky A Go Go.

Some might think, the music genre Rap-Rock has been buried and forgotten and the red baseball caps have been replaced by  80's loving, vintage Chess King wearing, ironic fanny pack lovers.  But not so fast Mr.

I think it's fantastic that the Library Of Congress has recognized the Ramones first album as a mus

This is too good not to share with my Local 420 Brothers and Sisters.  WARNING: The Republic does not recommend lighting your blunts with a Light Saber.

That creepy guy we know that used to hang out at all of our High School parties has returned.

Biting Elbows is a Punk band from Moscow and you can check out their music here.  It's pretty good.

Nine Inch Nails have posted a documentary of their 1994-96 "Self Destruct Tour", possibly the most debauched period for Trent Reznor and crew.

I haven't seen anyone rock a Keytar like this since... Since... Hmmm.... You'll have to give me a minute on that one.  Maybe you can help me out?  Remind me who rocked the Keytar the best in the comments section below.

Former Metallica Bassist Jason Newsted has a new band(the cleverly titled Newsted) and a new album coming out this Summer.

Michelle Obama would definitely endorse this kind of music making.

There is no doubt this dude ROCKS!  You may think he's a clown but give him credit, he's passionate about his music.  Good thing this wasn't rush hour or there would be several serious injuries and hair all over people.

"Cape Of Our Hero" is from Volbeat's upcoming album Outlaw Gentlemen And Shady Ladies which will be released in the U.S. on April 9.