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Let's talk about masturbation. We can do that, right? Everyone does it. You're lying if you say you don't.

This video thoroughly disgusts me.  Not because I frown on competitive eating or the sin of gluttony.  I actually enjoy gluttony.  This Is AMERICA for cripes sake and gluttony is our middle name!(actually it's "Of")  

I'm seriously feeling old right now.  Old...Old..Old..  

I went to two Proms and I couldn't tell you what the hell happened at either of them.  Not because I was so wasted I can't remember.(Not that wasted anyway.)  They were just..uneventful.  The real fun was AFTER the Prom.

Nirvana was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame last night and there was no fisticuffs between Dave Grohl and Courtney Love.

Former New England Patriot Brandon Spikes tweeted yesterday that his time with the team was like "4 years a slave"..really?  A SLAVE?

This year's Summerland Tour brings the 90's back to Boston at The House Of Blues on June 19.

In the second Video Podcast Of 'The Road To Legalization', longtime Marijuana Reform Activist Mike Cann talks about the red tape involved in the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licensing

For the 25th Anniversary of the movie 'Major League', Red Sox Catcher David Ross does..wait a minute..25TH ANNIVERSARY OF 'MAJOR LEAGUE"! Holy shit I'm old!  Anyway, check out David Ross' tribute to the film below.

Sometimes, understanding the person running the drive-thru can mean the difference between a great lunch or a greasy tragedy.

Mondays suck.  Unless you're a billionaire and you're in Fiji with six Bikini Models, a bag of Psychedelic Mushrooms, Ten pounds of Purple Kush, and a tanker truck of Strawberry Lube.

Behold the miracle of science that is the LA Beast.

Every couple of weeks we sit down with the folks at MASSCANN(Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition) and talk about their efforts to get Marijuana legalized in Massachusetts.