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This is Mike Hsu's Blog.

Every couple of weeks we sit down with the folks at MASSCANN(Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition) and talk about their efforts to get Marijuana legalized in Massachusetts.

A couple of days ago we watched several Los Angeles Morning TV News Anchors react in many different and silly ways on the air to an eart

Who knew our new Robot Overlords loved the Jazz Fusion.  Could these smooth sounds be the soundtrack to the oncoming technological apocalypse?

So, you had a great St. Patrick's Day Weekend?  And by great, I mean you only threw up twice and woke up fully clothed.  Now it's time to pay the Leprechaun for your sins.

Are you kidding me?  This is just another way that our Robot Overlords are worming their way into jobs, lives, and now..pants.

In this gripping PSA made for Mashable, 'Footloose' star Kevin Bacon tears into Millennials for their dependence on technology.  All of his points are true.

Could anyone imagine this happening?  Zack Galifianakis having a sit down with The President Of The United States?  Barack Obama Between Two Ferns?  The whole concept is ludicrous!  And that's why it's funny.

So, I walk into the office bathroom this morning and see this in stall #1:

Another great prank by Fousey.  The man's got a good butt, I would have fallen for it.

Meanwhile in Bali...

Seth Rogan was in 'Freaks And Geeks', what I believe to be the second greatest television series in history.(the first being Star Trek, the Original Series)  He was also in the Gra