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There is so much greatness in this Hot Pockets commercial, it's going to make my head explode!

Please remember that October is Breast cancer Awareness Month. You can get more info here.

I'm also glad that The Rebecca Romijn Hand Bra is here for Women everywhere:

Roger Waters recently finished up his tour of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' which was one of the best shows I've ever witnessed in my life. It was a gigantic production and an epic tour.

For the last four years The A.V. Club has come up with a list of songs and invited artists to cover them in their own special way.

Avenged Sevenfold singer M.

Jimmy Fallon, with the help of FolkiesThe Avett Brothers, make some of the heaviest anthems more digestible for that family picnic:

This is actually a favorite past time of the Pearl Jam singer.  I think it's a law in the Pacific Northwest that you know how to throw an Axe and consume inordinate amounts of coffee.

This made me laugh HARD this morning.  I am not a morning person and laughing usually is not an option until I've had my 12 cups of coffee.

If anyone has any information about this please contact this person.  They've been carrying this around in their brain for a couple of years and I'm sure it's been torture..stinky torture.

Looking to kill a couple of hours at work?  Try this full set from Iron Maiden's Rock In Rio 2013 set.  The boys can still slay hundreds of thousands of rabid fans.

Super Curvey Model Kate Upton put in an appearence on Jimmy Fallon wearing a classy red dress that didn't over expose her bri

Metallica's Concert Film 'Through The Never' comes out in IMAX theaters this Friday and regular theaters on October 4.

You think I'm f*****g around? This guy knows what's up.  It's all in the coat that you wear as they say.  Whoever they are?  They don't know Jack when it comes to getting rich and loading your stables with hot bitches.

"We were really on that night.

Green Day will release their documentary 'Cuatro!' on DVD September 24th.