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During Astronaut Chris Hadfield's stint as Commander of the International Space Station he has used twitte

Visual Effects Pioneer and Legend Ray Harryhausen passed away t

Shinedown are becoming Kings of the Rock Power Ballad.  The kind of song where you find your arm reaching for a lighter once it starts.

Just using a bottle opener isn't good or fun enough for those crazy beer loving Germans.  Quite honestly if it takes even a few more seconds to open my beer I get very impatient and cranky.

This is a preview clip for the song "I Appear Missing" from the new Queens Of The Stone Age album ..Like Clockwork, out on June 4.

Metallica were honored by their Hometown team with a "Metallica Night" at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Volbeat's greasy haired leader Michael Poulsen described their sound the best when he asked the crowd at The House Of Blues last night, "Do you want Metal? Do you want Rock-N-Roll? Do you want Country?

It's called "How Not To Orgasm".  All of these would be rather deflating and embarrassing.  Although the reference to Rammstein wouldn't be too bad.

Yngwie Malmsteen could have been the greatest Trumpet player of all time.  Or greatest Drummer of all time.

In my opinion, Rush didn't need to be in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.  They never really needed to belong to any group or club.  Much like their fans they did their own thing.

Early Saturday Morning(April 13) Deftones Bassist Chi Cheng passed away after a battle to recover from a car accident back in 2008.

Here we are on the third and final day of what the Hill-Man calls the "Great Trilogy Of Drinking Days In Boston" along with St. Patrick's Day and The Home Opener.

"My God Is The Sun" is the first taste of Like Clockwork which will be out on June 4.  The Queens first album since 2007's Era Vulgaris.

I wish I could be at The House Of Blues tonight for the Black Crowes latest "We're Talking Again" tour.  But unfortunately the Red Sox latest collapse has me spiraling into a reclusive malaise.

The new Rob Zombie video for "Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown" has all the essential ingredients for a good time.

Pearl Jam hope to have a new album out later this year.

Why would Bill Gates want to award $100,000 to someone who can find a better way to put on a condom?  Sounds like someone likes to go bareback but had a little scare.

You are completely familiar with Andy Johns work.  He was present at some of the greatest moments in Rock recording history as a Producer and Engineer.

Maybe you're one of those very few humans who has not viewed one of the six Star Wars movies?

Every now and then when you're watching the Red Sox play in Toronto on TV you catch a shining ray of intense greatness coming from behind home plate at The Rogers Center.