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Once again Jimmy Kimmel makes me laugh until I expel gas uncontrollably.

A couple weeks ago Metallica surprised fans at the Orion Music And More Festival by doing a surprise performance of their classic Kill Em' All album.

Last we heard from McAfee Anti-Virus software founder John McAfee he landed in Miami after a bizarre Odyssey through Belize(where he allegedly abandoned his $20,000,000 fortune) and Guatemala(where they thought he was so c

She's absolutely right when she says, "I think we can relate this back to education".  Well, not those exact words, but I get what she's saying...I think. What I mean to say is...LOOK AT THOSE TITS!!

First of all, those shots look a little light to be Jager.  Usually, Jagermeister is black like the color you see after drinking half a bottle and nine beers.

I am not a frequent Air Traveler.  But it seems every time I do travel with the Airlines, 4 out of 5 times there is a delay.  It's just part of the luxury of the Jet Set.

If you look at this picture while listening to the song below, it becomes very iggy.

Unfortunately, right now, due to FAA Regulations, this can only happen in the UK.  But isn't it brilliant?  

This first video is like a Mai Tai, after you watch it you're going to find yourself still laughing and your speech may be slurred.  This is one of the greatest duets in the history of music.

The Nine Inch Nails monster seems fully awake now with this past week's flurry of activity from the Halo camp.

There are tons of Isolated Vocal tracks on Youtube.  They can be hilarious like David Lee Roth's to super intense like Kurt Cobain.

Linkin Park has enjoyed Platinum success for more than a decade now.

When the chips are down, and the shit hits the fan, just love America.  This kid is the embodiment of The Star Spangled Banner.  Against great odds he persevered and was there to the end.

The Crowd Funding Tool Kickstarter seems to be catching on with people who don't seem to need it so much like Zach Br

No, seriously, a pony walked into a liquor store in Warren, RI on Memorial Day lead by it's owner, William Saviano.

Take 60 seconds to watch this video.  Especially if you're a parent.

Here you go! From the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles 5/23/13. The set includes the performance of the entire new album ...Like Clockwork(out on June 4). Please enjoy irresponsibly and loudly.

Metallica have been working on this movie for quite awhile now.  What started out being a concert film turned into a full feature film that incorporates concert footage.

While Disturbed is on indefinite hiatus guitarist Dan Donnegan and drummer Mike Wengren have formed Fight Or Flight, Bassist John Moy

Remember that time the Cops showed up to that party we were playing at and confiscated all our beers?  Don't let that happen again with the new Marshall Fridge!