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Your Wife Won't Be Able To Smell These Robot Strippers

Are you kidding me?  This is just another way that our Robot Overlords are worming their way into jobs, lives, and now..pants.

Sure, Robots help humanity with everything from Surgery to Manufacturing, but aren't there enough extroverted, exhibitionist, girls trying to pay for their Pharmaceutical Schooling who can handle these jobs?  Of course, with a robot, you won't have to worry about them not showing up.  Or showing up high.  Or PAYING them.  How long until we have a Blade Runner- like scenario where technology get's to the point where we can't tell between the Bots' and the humans and they revolt?  The Robot takeover could start with Stripper Bots'.  

British Inventor Giles Walker built these babies and they run on the same kind of motor that runs your windshield Wipers.  Which they may need if they get the job done.  

What if one of these things malfunctions during a lap dance and jackhammers my junk back through my pelvis?  Or clamps down on me and locks up. When my wife shows up to the Emergency Room how do I explain the Stripper Bot attached to my body?  

The big question is..would you?

They're a bargain at $39,500.  Order one here.

Thumbnail photo by John Verive