Mama, I'm Coming Home - Osbourne Ozzy 5:37 AM


Your New Robot Overlords Love The Jazz Fusion

Who knew our new Robot Overlords loved the Jazz Fusion.  Could these smooth sounds be the soundtrack to the oncoming technological apocalypse?

There are so many aspects of our human lives that are being commandeered by Robots; Manufacturing, Medical Procedures, Recreation, snow removal.  But music is a highly emotional creation.  How can machines duplicate the feeling in music?  The crew at the University Of Tokyo has come pretty close with Z-Machines.  In all fairness, the guitar player, March, has 78 fingers.  How the hell can we compete with that?  He..or it will be very popular with the Robot Groupies.  Ashura the Drummer has 22 arms!  Whatever!  Rick Allen has ONE arm and can still rock with Def Leppard!

Not that this is anything brand new.  A few years ago Compressorhead showed us they could duplicate the jackhammer tones of Motorhead.  They'll never have the soul of Lemmy though.  But who knows?  Maybe scientists will one day create a robot that guzzles whiskey and snorts speed while banging 5 groupies at the same time?  That's when you know they've won..

Robot Band Photo by Mad Lab Manchester.