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The Winery Dogs Live In The WAAF Studio

What's that saying about "teaching an old dog new tricks"? 


These Dogs already know all the tricks and are applying that vast knowledge to this new Band.  Not "Project".  This is a real band that plays for real.  It can't get any more real than the Bass wrangling of Billy Sheehan(David Lee Roth Band, Mr. Big, Talas), the soulful vocals of Richie Kotzen(Poison, Mr. Big), and the precision battery of drums hammered by Mike Portnoy(Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold, Adrenalin Mob). Years of perfecting their craft are now poured into the groove of The Winery Dogs.  A power trio that brings in the jamming virtuosity of Cream and Led Zeppelin with the soul of Gov't Mule and Kings X.  Their self titled debut is full of heavy grooves sprinkled with some mind boggling shredding.  

We were lucky enough to have them play live in the studio today(7/31/14) and even acoustic you could feel the authority and conviction in their playing.  If Chris Cornell and Chris Robinson had a baby...well... it would be a miracle of science!  But I'm sure that kid would sound like Richie Kotzen.  It was a little strange to see Portnoy with just a tambourine and an egg.  I'm so used to seeing him behind a battleship of a drum kit doing amazing fills.  But it was an amazing pleasure to watch Sheehan up close just manhandling the hell out of his bass.  His hands seemed to be working independently to procure other worldly low tones.  Check out the video below and you will understand:

Check out this performance from their Live In Japan DVD: