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When Breaking News Happens, We Give It To You "In The Butt"

When there is an important press conference or significant news story you don't have time to dick around. You don't have time to wade through political double speak or celebrity gobbledigook. That's why I like to give it to you in "In The Butt". All the important points included in a nifty disco mix. So you can get your news on the go without the distraction of anal minutea. The following are some of the best "In The Butt" Mixes of the past 12 months. An extra special thanks to the brilliant artist known as Samwell for creating such a beautiful canvas to insert my soundbites.

Congratulations to Kate Winslet for winning two Golden Globes Awards this year. They say the Golden Globes are a good indicator of who will win the Oscars. It all depends who gets BEHIND the nominees.


George W. Bush gave his last press conference as President. He not only highlighted his accomplishments but also his set backs.


Rachel Ray was criticized for wearing a Kefiya, a traditional Palestinian scarf, for a Dunkin Donuts commercial. Personally, I doubt she is a supporter of any terrorist organization. She's got her hands full.


The Franklin Park Zoo's oldest Gorilla had to have a colonoscopy to treat a digestive problem. Who's the lucky vet that gets that job?


President Bush explains the difference between "slowdown" and "Screwed".


I'm sure with a new administration there will be ample opportunity to get it "In The Butt". Tune in to WAAF whenever "Butt" news happens.