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Two ALS Ice Bucket Challenges That Would Be Great Together

The Interwebs is flowing with chilly water thanks to the enthusiastic supporters of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  News feeds are full of regular folks and superstars dumping and challenging others to donate to the ALS Association and bring awareness to the disease.  There have been a few variations and one uppers like the Foo Fighters 'Carrie' tribute:

And the incredible Homer Simpson one:

The classy Patrick Stewart:

But it's the next two that I believe should have been done together.  The first being B-Real from Cypress Hill, wary of California's drought problem, using a bucket of weed instead of ice water.  Then challenging his fellow stoners to do the same.  I'm hoping Willie Nelson takes him up on it.

All that fine weed needs some fire.  And the shithead below is just the man to supply it.  I'd like to see B-Real have a discussion with with the American Flag vested gentleman about why he's waving around a Confederate flag.  Then, in my Tarantino-like fantasy, after Mr. Dumbass set's himself on fire, Mr. B-Real grabs him by the red neck and lights a huge spliff with the burning skull.  It's a good dream.

Thank the maker for the internet.  

You may be sick of seeing this all over the internet but you can't deny it's for a good cause.  If, for some reason, you don't agree with it, then just ignore it.  Even better, ignore it and quietly make a donation.  Or not.  I have been challenged a couple of times to do it but I'm still thinking about a crafty way to execute it.  I was thinking about a bucket of beer, but that would be a terrible waste.  As would a bucket of ice cold clam chowder which was suggested to me by my daughter.  Maybe a giant vodka martini on ice in a bucket.  That might burn.  Or maybe I'll just donate.  

If you have any suggestions feel free to put them in the comments section below.  


Photo by Global Panorama