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Too Much Penis For Just One Blog

The Penis.  Men are obsessed with theirs, and heterosexual Women hopefully are too. In Iceland they have the Phallological Museum which has peni from 93 different species except for a human specimen.  They did have one from a deceased 93 year old but apparently it shriveled up and had to be tossed off.  Icelandic native Pall Arason has offered up his junk after he passes but an American named Tom Mitchell says he's more fit to represent the human race because his penis is the biggest.  It also has a tattoo of an American Flag on it.  He also says he'll donate it now..while he's still alive!  

What kind of man is willing to donate his tattooed penis while still using it.  Or maybe he's not using it because some women may not appreciate having Old Glory inside of them?  He also name his penis Elmo.  Who the hell names their penis after a Muppet Toddler?  I used to call my penis Capt. Winky.  But now he's just Little Mike..very..little..Mike.  Get more info on Iceland's Phallological Museum and Tom Mitchell's crusade to make the U.S.A. #1 here:


While we're handling this subject.  Here's a video from a guy who established who had the penis in his house after being told by his wife he couldn't represent.  After buying a new white board for their kitchen the wife instructed him not to draw a penis on it.  What followed is not only art but inspirational.  Thanks for standing up for the gender sir.

Peni photo by Wellington Grey