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Slash and the No Axl Zone

This was the e-mail I received from Slash's publicist, 15 minutes before the interview:

"Please make note to speak all about the Les Paul & Friends Tribute release and questions can be also asked about his relationship with Gibson and his solo project, his newly released paperback book.

I have been asked to make sure there are no questions about Chinese Democracy, Axl or Scott Weiland.

Thanks again and let me know if you have any questions."

Well, yeah. I do have some questions but apparently I can't ask them. I've always been more of a Slash guy. He always seemed to be more real than Axl. I enjoyed his book and his Snakepit stuff. But this was a little disappointing. Axle Rose basically called him a liar in several Guns N' Roses chat rooms. I don't know about you, but when someone calls me a liar I get pissed. Maybe Slash is taking the high road. Maybe "high" is a poor choice of words. I was given the same request by the press people twice before i actually got on the phone with him.

Look, I love the work of Les Paul. The man was a pioneer in guitar innovation and playing. He was way ahead of his time in the 50's when it came to the recording process. Gibson named a line of guitars after him. At 93 the guy still plays a weekly residency in Manhattan. For more info you can go to The guy is amazing. But I would hazard a guess that Slash's fans want to know what he thinks of the forbidden queries. There are probably an army of lawyers involved. Maybe he's preparing for a more spectacular response? Maybe a half time "fuck You" at the Super Bowl?
Overall, he was very polite. He brought up Scott Weiland on his own.  I'm sure we're not getting the entire story, but I was hoping the side I'm routing for returned fire.

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