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Should Zach Galifianakis Be This Close To The President?

Could anyone imagine this happening?  Zack Galifianakis having a sit down with The President Of The United States?  Barack Obama Between Two Ferns?  The whole concept is ludicrous!  And that's why it's funny.

Some may say the President Of The United States should not lower himself by appearing on an experimental comedy project produced by a controversial comedian.  Some may say that this will hurt the President's credibility, especially with Foriegn Leaders.  

I say this is a creative way to get your message out.  I'm sure Galiafinakis and the people at Funny Or Die had to jump through several hoops to make this happen.  Especially after what has happened on past episodes.  I'm also sure that the Presidential teleprompter was in use.  But whatever!  The video is hilarious and President Obama shows a great sense of humor by appearing in it.  He's also trying to reach as many people as he can.  His main reason for doing this is to promote the Affordable Care Act and the key to it's success is trying to get younger Americans to sign up.  So he's taking it to where those people are spending their time.  

President Nixon appeared on Laugh In.  George W. Bush asked if we were, "Ready For Some Football?" on Monday Night Football.  They said Bill Clinton was hurting his credibility by aligning himself too closely with MTV back in the 90's.  How did that work out for him?

I also love the low budget masking tape holding the presidents microphone to his lapel.  Brilliant.

President Obama thumbnail image in the Public Domain courtesy of the White House.