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One Man Gets Answers To A Common Fast Food Mystery

Burger photo by TheImpulsiveBuy

We've asked this question for years but apparently were asking the wrong people.  Mediocre Films has ventured forth and documented their results on why the hell does the Fast Food we get at the restaurants never look like the pictures in the advertisements?  Yes, these are the important questions. Watch the video and learn:

Who knew that being polite could get you so far?  

The main reason your burger doesn't look like the one advertised is that it has to be prepared FAST!  Thrown together at lightning speed in less than 2 minutes before it gives the customer time to bitch about it.  Try it at home at your next cookout?  I bet your burgers will look like a passed out, sloppy, drunk chick laying ion the street at 2am.

We are also usually consuming these burgers faster than they are made.  Most of the time while driving.  So whether the sandwich is esthetically pleasing is probably low on our priority list much like the minimum wage worker cranking it out at record speed. 

Maybe if William Foster had just politely asked them to remake his burger he wouldn't of gone on a rampage with a machine gun for the rest of his day?


Let me know if you try this and leave your comments below.

Burger photo by TheImpulsiveBuy