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My Interview With The Cultural Minister Of Busta Rhymes Island, Shrewsbury

Do you see that little Island in the Northwest corner of Mill Pond?  That is Busta Rhymes Island.  Yes, THAT Busta Rhymes!  "WooHA Got You All In Check!" Busta Rhymes.  Why?  Why is this island, in the little Central Massachusetts town of Shrewsbury, named after a platinum selling Hip Hop artist? Because Kevin O'Brien deemed it so.  Who the hell is Kevin O'Brien?  He's a HUGE Busta Rhymes fan.  That's all you need to know.  It's not entirely official...yet.  But Minister O'Brien doesn't plan on giving up.  He was able to take a few minutes out of his daily duties to school me on his crusade to pay tribute to the Grammy nominated artist.

Just in case you DON'T know:

That is going to be one funky island.  BUSTA!

Photo courtesy of Google Maps

Thumbnail photo by Top Streetwear