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MC Joaquin Phoenix is Andy Kauffman reincarnated

Is Joaquin Phoenix the next Andy Kauffman? I believe he is.Â

Joaqin Phoenix was at the top of his game as Johnny Cash in "Walk The Line". He could've had any job in any movie or television series. I'm sure there were opportunities to work on stage. But after making "Two Lovers" he retired from acting and is currently pursuing a hip-hop and beard growing career. Why would he do that? The pressures that come with great success in Hollywood? Huge drug consumption? Agoraphobia? Maybe he just wanted to quit? Maybe he loves hip-hop and wants to be the next Snow Vanilla Ice? Why would he throw it all away? But I think his recalcitrance toward the Hollywood machine is actually a ruse to actually get deeper into it.

Why is Casey Affleck following him around with a film crew? Supposedly they are documenting Phoenix's adventure in rap land. Phoenix has gone so far as to say P Diddy will be mentoring him on his skills. I think Phoenix is taking advantage of his celebrity capitol and exposing the spurious world of Hollywood by way of acting like a wasted buffoon. An annebriated Oscar winner can get into places the everyday ticket buyer will never see. This will be Mr. Phoenix's parting shot. Not this bumbling, clueless, pill head that has delusions of Diddyism. He will come back next year and show his "Mockumentary"(if I may borrow from the book of Reiner and Guest) at Sundance and people will love it.Â

It's like when Andy Kauffman became obsessed with Women Wrestlers. He went around the country and filmed himself beating the crap out of women and heralding the joys of misogyny. Fans and Critics lamented the embarrassing diversion and wished he would just do Latka during his stand up routine. After he died we found out it was all a big joke. I love that! This is what Joaquin Phoenix is doing. I think? I hope I'm right and he doesn't follow his brothers trip to the worm buffet. I would also like to see Diddy squirm when the film comes out.